Dog Training

Our Trainer:
Holley Grooms has been training and competing with dogs in various canine competitions for nearly 20 years.  She has put hundreds of AKC titles, major awards and Championships on dogs.  She and Nicole have World Champion Frisbee dogs as well.  Her personal line of Border Collie dogs are well respected and known worldwide (Holther Border Collies).  Holley would be happy to consult with you and give you an opinion and recommendation on what direction you should take regarding problem behaviors.  She can also provide solid groundwork fundamentals for obedience and manners.  Her specialty other than competition dog sports is her young puppy program.  The first 16 weeks of your puppy's life is the most important time in their life.  We offer a 2- week and a 4-week puppy program that will set your puppy up for all other future behaviors and training.  In that time we will potty and crate train your puppy as well as teach foundation material that will set them up for success and make both your life and their life easier - understanding HOW to learn and building a line of positive communication, where the puppy learns QUICKLY and loves to learn new behaviors.  All the basics will be taught - walking on leash properly, not jumping up, sit, down, stay and come when called, as well as positive socialization and positive interactions with other dogs. 


Please see our rate page for training rates.  Initial brief phone consultations regarding training and behavior at no charge.