About Us

We have been taking care of your pets, professionally, for over 20 years. Holley and Heather officially started boarding/training/daycare/grooming of pets in Savannah in 2000, after pet sitting and dog walking in others’ homes prior to that (anyone remember Errands Express?!) and then having a vision of a full-service pet care facility. In 2004, we decided to simplify, scale down the amount of pets we cared for, focus on what we do best and moved the business an hour northwest of Savannah. Here, dogs could run and play even more, have a safer and more comfortable environment, and we could focus more personal attention to individual and special needs pets.  We would be happy to provide references.  We often hear things such as: "If it weren't for Eureka, we wouldn't be able to travel" and "my pets cannot board anywhere else, they are most stress-free with you" and " I love how excited my dog gets when getting on the pet shuttle bus" and “your boarding rates are too cheap for all that you provide!” We love hearing this over and over!  We have never really advertised, we’ve always been a word-of-mouth business. We don’t hire help, all owners and those with a vested interest are hands-on.

Someone is here 24-7 with your pets.  Although we are constantly working and just because we are here doesn't always mean we are always available for pickups, tours etc so we do recommend you call or text us and schedule a time to come by.  Part of keeping pets as stress-free as possible is sticking with a regular routine.  We also keep our property secure, and we keep gates closed so no traffic is driving around the property when dogs are out.

We have been cranking out additions and renovations in 2018 and are excited to announce we have added another owner of the business, Nicole Brumble who will be doing the bulk of the pet shuttle service. We all care tremendously about your pets, our relationships with you, our clients and our place. And for those of you who have stayed with us for all these many many years, we wish to thank you again and promise our dedication to continuing to be your pet’s “nanny” and “home away from home” at the "pet camp". We will be offering some great promotions and coupons over the next several months while we roll out a stronger internet presence on social media - keep an eye on our Facebook page. Stay tuned........

Our Team

With a combined total of over 55 years of PROFESSIONAL pet care, you can feel confident in our unmatched experience in the pet care/pet boarding business in the area.

Holley Grooms

Owner, Caregiver

Heather Brewer

Customer Care

Nicole Brumble

Owner, Caregiver

Hayden Brewer