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Pet Transport Services

Due to recent events causing the soaring cost in fuel, we are unable to offer complimentary shuttle services.
It is necessary for us to charge $25 for each use of the shuttle to cover our expense of trips to and from the farm. This fee may be split amongst passengers. 

Your pet's personal chauffeur!

We have a climate controlled shuttle bus as well as a minivan for transporting your pets.  We do pick ups and drop offs in Savannah 2 days a week and more during holidays if the need arises.  We currently meet at 9:00 am on Mondays and Fridays in the parking lot of Planet Fitness on Ogeechee Road in Savannah.   We do need to know if you are planning to show up at Planet Fitness on our regular days though because if no dogs are coming or going, we won't make the trip or we might be in one of our other Pet Transport Vehicles if we are only picking up or dropping off a couple of pets.  Fastest way to get in touch is to text us 912-541-5222  Thanks!

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