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514 Eureka Road, Sylvania, GA  30467


We do not do specialty poodle cuts or anything fancy, but we do quality baths with high quality shampoos, brush outs, de-matting, nail trimmings, blow dry if requested and minor trimmings of furnishings.  It really depends on the breed as far as cuts/trimming, so please contact us to discuss and receive a quote.  We can also do sanitary clips and furry feet clean up and more.  We can also provide safe, all natural de-flea treatment as well as a spa treatment for the skin and coat.

We do NOT do shave downs.


Exit baths when boarding are only $10 and nail trim $5.  This includes thorough bath, towel dry, and a great smelling cologne spray.  If you wish, you may provide the shampoo if your dog needs a medicated or special bath of any sort.  

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